Google drives!




hi im reij, an entp, seasian and i made this carrd. i like meat, potatoes and i use any pronouns. i decided to make a carrd out of impulse so now here we are LMAO. also here's my personal carrd heehee


1. Make an easy to read section!!

If you're a maximalist or whatevs u call it, please make an easy to read section. I've seen multiple carrds like this and while they're all nice, my eyes would b hurting whenever i try to read your info..

2. Don't overdo on the embeds!!

Good carrds don't always need a crap ton of code. Ive seen a lotta cute carrds even with just 1 embed!

3. Optimise for mobile users!!

Well, even I'm still working on this myself :pp but anyway. You can check using the mobile view version if you're on a computer. Also remember to make all column containers "default" in stacking!

4. Label your buttons!!

This makes it wayy more simple to navigate carrds, also very helpful for people visiting your site who don't know how carrd works. I think the best way to label your buttons is by "abt","dni","byf" etc!

5. "Choose Your Own Adventure" carrds...

Please.. I can't take it anymore. I'VE DIED TRYING TO FIND YOUR DNI 23 TIMES

6. Don't act up in cboxes!!

Someone's ip got traced from this LMAO

7. Put in the effort for a lil pzaz of colour theory!!

Make any text on your carrd contrast to the background yet blend with the overall aesthetic! I recommomend using to find the cutest colour pallettes!

8. Take everything I've said with a grain of salt

That being said.. Go fucking apeshit! It's your carrd not mine XD It doesn't matter if your carrd is 'ugly' or whatever just express yourself!! Just please make an easy to read section HAHA